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LPF Program

Level Playing Field Homes Background

 What Is LPF Homes?

LPF Homes Is A Non-Profit Program That Helps Level The Playing Field Of Homeownership By Allowing Members Of The Community Who May Not Qualify For Homeownership Thru Traditional Means Create Family Wealth By Moving From Home Renters To Home Owners In Southeast Kansas (For Programs Outside Of This Area, Click Here)

Why Is LPF Doing This?

What Makes LPF Homes Unique Is That We Address The Largest Hurdle To Homeowners – The Down Payment PLUS Resetting Any Existing High Interest Debt From Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Etc Into The Home Payment At A Much More Affordable Rate

How Is This Program Possible?

LPF Homes Financial Sponsors Take The Risk With The Banks and Put Their Credit Score On The Line For LPF Applicants


Continued Good Character and Work Ethic From Participants Allows LPF To Continue To Grow The Blessing!

What To Expect From The LPF Process And Timing?

  • Getting Started: Sponsors Will Work With Their Applicant To Submit Basic Information So That LPF Homes Can Analyze And Find A Potential Home For The Applicant

  • An LPF Homes Approved Real Estate Agent Will Help To Find A Home For The Applicant

  • Applicants Will Receive Support As Soon As They Are Approved

    • Monthly Budgeting, Including The Establishment Of A Rainy-Day Fund

    • Home Maintenance Basics, Both Exterior And Interior

  • Upon The Completion Of The Homeownership Training The LPF Participant Is Ready To Achieve Sustainable Home Ownership With The Associated Wealth Creation For Many Years To Come

  • Additional Info and Resources (FAQs, LPF Homes Contact Info, etc.)

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